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Commercial Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly Cleaning in Buffalo, NY is happy to clean your office space. Having a tidy business area makes a great first impression to potential clients and investors. Your employees will appreciate having a neat, well organized place because cleanliness and organization are the best environments to promote good working habits. Give us a call today to schedule our services.

Commercial Services:

  • Cleaning Elevator Cabs
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Restrooms and Drinking Fountains
  • Dusting Desktops, Furniture, Wall Décor, Blinds, Baseboards, Windows and Window Sills
  • Disinfect Floors/Breakrooms
  • Empty and Reline Trash Cans
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Restock Toiletries
  • Vacuuming

We Clean

  • Appliances(Exterior)
  • Faucets and Fixtures

  • Interior Windows and Window Sills
  • Mirrors

Between our competitively priced services and environmentally safe products, you can rely on us to be your go-to green cleaning company. We offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning packages to our customers.


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We’ll clean your home thoroughly so you don’t have to.